Boat Cruise in Uganda

Boat Cruise in Uganda; Uganda has got many wonders which attract thousands of tourists thus making it one of the main key tourist destinations in East Africa and the entire Africa. More so, Uganda is a former British landlocked country which is found in Central East Africa deriving its name from the Buganda Kingdom. Above all, Uganda is once referred to as the Pearl of Africa because of its numerous fabulous endowments, the country experiences conducive climatic conditions ranging from warmth in the lowland area and coolness in the highlands of southwest Kigezi with general temperatures varying from 26 degrees maximum and 15 minimums with are good for adventuring. More than that, Uganda is a beautiful country that boasts lots of unique tribes that makes the country the most interesting place on the earth to engage in different cultures.

The boat cruise is an exciting voyage safari activity done on freshwater bodies of Victoria Nile however, a boat cruise involves life enjoyment in a water vessel like a boat while having memorable fun activities, especially on your Uganda Safari holiday destination. More Uganda is blessed with several water bodies where exciting boat cruises.

Boat cruise adventure in Uganda is best done on Lake Victoria which is the most dominant adventure and is near Kampala the capital city of Uganda. Lake Victoria is the world ‘s largest tropical lake and the world’s second-largest tropical lake shared by Uganda, Kenya, and Tanzania, Lake Bunyonyi, Murchison Falls, Kazinga Channel, Source of the Nile.

While enjoying a boat cruise along these beautiful water bodies you will be able to adventure a variety of water animal species such as hippos, crocodiles, buffaloes, rhinos, and hoven of bird species to be spotted on the shores and the scenic view of the beautiful nature and the hills. The most rewarding sunset boat cruise reflects into the water with its amazing view of the beautiful nature, and bird species among others.

Uganda is a beautiful destination   that boosts with lots of attractions, and activities to engage in as well as a great location for boat cruise tours there are three types of boat cruises to engage in;

Morning boat cruise; Morning boat cruise starts at 9:00 am. Along this morning boat, the cruise expects to have the best view of the animals like hippos coming off the water in the evening to graze around on the shore.

Afternoon boat cruise: The afternoon boat cruise starts at 2:00 pm, this is the best trip that rewards various notable bird species and animal species which come to link for thirst.

Evening boat cruise; This evening boat cruise begins at 5:00 pm, however, it’s an excellent trip that attracts photographers as you get to witness the sunset by offering a spectacular view of the sky filled with a mixture of colors from yellow, orange, white and blue that reflects into the water. It also gives great chance to see animals as they come out for grazing.

Uganda boat cruise tours involved the use of different boat types like power boats, speed boats, Kerala boats as well as yachts.

Boat cruise in Queen Elizabeth National Park Uganda

Queen Elizabeth National Park is one of the best-visited safari destinations on a boat cruise on Kazinga Channel. More so, the Kazinga channel measures 40 kilometers that connect Lake Edwards and Lake Gorge.  In Queen Elizabeth National –Kazinga channel stands as one of the top amazing attractions that inhabit numerous animals either in the water or on the water shores. Animals to see include, hippos, Nile crocodiles, water bucks, elephants, and Uganda kobs as well as a haven of water bird species including African spoonbill, Cormorants, Pelicans, cattle egrets, Martial Eagles, African skimmers, Papyrus Gonolek, unique shoe bills among other.

During the boat cruise, you will have accompanied by a well-trained park guide to go with who will be giving you information about the park. There are three boat cruise sessions; the Morning boat cruise starts at 9:00 am, the afternoon cruise at 2:00 pm, and the evening cruise starts at 5:00 pm.

Boat Cruise in Murchison Falls National Park

A boat cruise on Murchison Falls is conducted at the bottom of the falls and starts at paraa to Nile lake Albert delta which offers an unforgettable experience. The boat cruise here offers a rewardable view of wildlife species like hippos, elephants, crocodiles, buffaloes, and jobs, and various bird species to see include; Goliath heron, Secretary bird, Black-headed plover, Osprey, white-faced whistling duck, yellow-billed stork, rare shoe bill on the river banks. You will also have a chance to cruise near the devil cauldron take photos and have rewardable sights of a rainbow formed by speedy water strongly squeezing through the narrow gorge. Note, they offer both public and private water cruises.

Boat Cruise in Uganda
Boat Cruise on Murchison Falls

Boat cruise at Lake Victoria and the Source of the Nile

The boat cruise carried along Lake Victoria which is the largest freshwater lake in Africa is remarkable that offers the most thrilling experience of a boat cruise which sails on the different islands in the lake. Some of the islands include Ssese, Ngamba a home to chimpanzee species, and Kalangala island the best destination to go for honeymoons and vacations. While cruising, expect to view a variety of species like crocodiles and bird species like African Jacanas, Kingfishers, Eagles, Egrets, and Egyptians among others.

A boat cruise experienced on the Source of the Nile is quite magical to cruise on the longest river in the world. The Nile originates in Jinja town along Lake Victoria in Eastern Uganda regions.

Canoeing on Lake Bunyonyi

Lake Bunyonyi is known as the deepest lake in Africa and was once named the Switzerland of Africa and home to various beautiful little birds. More so, the lake is surrounded by numerous stunning islands and one of the islands to visit has an outstanding history behind where unmarried girls from the Bakiga tribe were relocated to as punishment, they were isolated and left to die there. Also, the Akacuraniko island was believed to have turned upside after locals refused to provide local beer to an old woman.

While cruising on lake Bunyonyi you will witness various bird species such as herons, weaver birds, cranes, island, and grey-crowned.

Apart from mentioned water bodies, there other water bodies that offer boat cruises in Uganda include; Lake George, Lake Edward, Lake Albert, and Lake Mburo.

What items to carry  for a boat cruise in Uganda;

Try to carry sandals, closed shoes, bathing suits, a sweater, a towel, a bag pack to keep your items, cameras, sunscreen and moisturizers, first aid box.

Rules to consider while doing a boat cruise  for the safety of the tourists;

Visitors are advised to avoid sitting one-sided on the boat and rather balance the sitting position.

Wear life jackets which can help you in times of danger, whereby keeps you up float in case of an accident.

Restrain from boozing and smoking  while on the boat tour

Travelers are advised to avoid hanging over the side railing of the boat trip.

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