Uganda Safari Companies

Uganda Safari Companies

Uganda safari companies; planning a safari to Pian Upe wildlife reserve or other destinations in Uganda is sometimes not easy when it comes to choosing a good and reputable safari company because you do not know the company to use and not sure if the company will deliver the kind of services you want during your safari. This article will however help or guide you to choose a god tour and travel company to organize for your safari trip. Below are some of the genuine and reputable safari companies that you can use to organize for you a lifetime safari in Pian Upe wildlife reserve or other destinations in Uganda and East Africa.

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Uganda Safari Companies
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The above tour companies can be trusted due to the fact that they have organized several safaris to different destinations. With many tour operators in Uganda, it can be a hustle finding a tour operator that will deliver the kind of safari experience you want. When choosing a tour operator for your Wildlife safaris, there are several factors that should be considered and we have saved you the hustle of going through different tour and travel operators by giving you a list of a few tour companies above.


Experience goes hand in hand with knowledge and expertise for example tour companies that have experience are knowledgeable about various destinations in Uganda and East Africa and have done a big number of safaris before. An experienced company can therefore easily draft or design for you a good package for your safari. A new company with no safari reviews might seem to lack experience but in most cases the proprietors of such businesses might have worked for so long in the tourism industry. The best way to tell whether the company is experienced or not is to carry out your own research before you travel and try to compare the information with some of the facts that you have read online.

Package provided

Package is an important factor to consider in that every tourist wants a good safari package, short driving hours, interesting activities and with the best pricing. However not every tour consultant has the ability to craft or design a good tour package for your safari.  If the tour package is good, you can look through Google maps to know the routes to take and driving hours on your trip before you confirm your safari. You can also look at the inclusions, exclusions, accommodations listed and activities chosen.

Price factor

Travel companies offer safari packages with different prices in that some provide high and others provide low prices. Feel free to compare the prices but do not get takes away by low prices as cheap things come at a cost. If a tour operator is confident about his services then they can charge the rightful amount for a safari however high the price might be. And this goes hand and hand with their level of experience and reviews. If you can afford the price and the accommodation facilities are comfortable, then you can go ahead and pay for the safari.


The best way to carry out research about tour operators is to check on how well they have done in the past and this can be done through visiting TripAdvisor and Safari Bookings. If the company has a lot of negative reviews you should think twice before booking with them but rather choose another company with good or positive reviews. If a company has no reviews but the package is good, you can go ahead and take the gamble but we wouldn’t recommend a tour company with no reviews. Having reviews doesn’t necessarily mean the company will give you a good safari, some may have less or no reviews but still give you an outstanding experience.

Affiliations and memberships

Several travel associations have standards that have to be met for their membership eligibility and if the standards are not met by any travel operator or if they engage in dubious activities like fraud, the company will lose their membership on spot with minimal chances of reclaiming it back. With these standards, they are able to maintain a list of only quality travel companies that are likely to offer standard safaris to tourists. There are organizations like Association of Uganda Tour Operators (AUTO) that have managed to maintain a genuine number of good safari companies. You can check through their membership page for good safari companies.

Methods of payment

There are different payment methods for example bank transfer method or credit card payment via Pesapal or express pay. Tourists should however not a mistake of sending money to personal bank accounts but rather send money to company bank accounts.

We organize interesting and affordable safaris to Pian Upe wildlife reserve, different national parks in Uganda and East Africa at large. All you need to do is inquire with us and we shall draft for you a suitable itinerary and quote for your safari trip.

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