Top 5 Activities Done in Murchison Falls National Park

Top 5 Activities Done in Murchison Falls National Park

Top 5 Activities Done in Murchison Falls National Park : Murchison falls national park is Uganda’s largest national park rich in diversity of wildlife, located in northwestern region of the country approximately 4 to 5 hours’ drive to reach the main destination. Above all, the park boosts with remarkable attractions that marks a place worth a visit as highlighted below;

Murchison Falls

This is the bestselling attraction of the park from which it derives its name, the falls runs through Victoria Nile a home to variety of species which can be spotted on boat cruise such as hippos, crocodiles and other animal species can be sighted along the river banks like elephants, buffaloes as well as waterbirds.

Still boat cruise provides magnificent view of the water falls as you cruise closer to the devil’s cauldron and it is very possible to hike on the top of the falls where you will have amazing sights of the falls as you listen to its sweet roaring sound through a wide. At the top memorable photograph can also be encountered.

Game Drives

Murchison Falls national park is rich in flora which can be adventured in woodland, wetland, savannah as well as the tropical forest which are well known as habitant for different bird species and wild animal species. Some of the wild species to explore include; Lions, hippopotamuses, Rothschild’s giraffe, Cape buffalo, Jackson’s hartebeest, Uganda kob and Elephants, Olive bamboos among others.

There are three sessions of game drives the morning, afternoon and evening but the best spotting session is early in the morning where you can be able to see large number of game before turning back to their hideouts. At Nyamsiki Cliffs its where one can enjoy a picnic as you get rewarded with perfect view of wildlife grazing on the green grassy hillsides and river below. Game drives are much more incredible when accompanied by a tour guide. The best time for game drive is during peak /dry season when the park is out of the water source.

Boat Cruise

The boat cruise trip begins at Paraa landing area at the point where river Nile enters into Lake Albert and cruises you to the bottom of the falls as you will be able to sight see hippos ,crocodiles ,buffaloes and elephants .You can also spot water birds like Cormorant ,Fish eagles ,kingfishers ,bee-eaters ,ducks and shoebill .

There are only two sessions of boat cruise ,morning and afternoon though the ultimate schedules can be arranged with the park management .The cruise you have will take you for 17 kilometers from the bottom of the falls at paraa for 3 or 4 hours. Then the cruise taken from Paraa to River Delta is 28kilometers and can take about 4 to 5 hours. You can as well do fishing below the falls is so amazing. Those interested in fishing we recommend you to carry your own fishing equipment. Fish species available in the river include; the Nile perch, Tiger fish and more.

Boat Cruise in Murchison national park
Top 5 Activities Done in Murchison Falls National Park

Bird Watching

Murchison falls national park is one the top birding site on Uganda birding safari boosting with over 450 species of birds which can be spotted between Paraa Rest Camp and Ferry crossing and here are some of bird lists to be sighted such as Mourning Thrush ,Vitelline Masked Weaver ,Silver bird ,Blue-napped Mouse bird ,Bluff –bellied Warbler ,Chestnut –crowned Sparrow weaver ,Black-headed Gonolek ,Green-winged Ptyilia ,Black headed Batis ,Palm –nut vulture ,piapiac ,shoe bill ,silver bird ,squacco heron ,Swamp flycatcher ,Denham’s bustard ,Black headed gonolek ,Black-billed barbet ,Abyssinian ground hornbill ,Africa jacana among others.

Nocturnal species that can be seen in the area include; Vereaux’s owls, Nightjars like Long tailed and Pennant-Winged nightjar best watched between March and September. Other bird species to see include Gray Crowned crane, White African fish eagle, Long toed plover, Goliath Heron, African Skimmer among other species.

Nature Walks

Nature walks is the best way of exploring wild forest on foot while in Murchison Falls Conservation area. In Murchison falls national park nature walk can be done in several different areas that is at the top of the falls, Kaniyo Pabidi and Rabongo Forest. The Rabongo Forest Ecotourism Centre also gives a memorable nature walk, lies in an island of tropical river forest in the south-east of the conservation area.

Along your nature walk you will be rewarded with great sights of primates like the Chimpanzees, Black and white colored monkeys, Red tailed monkeys, birds, trees as well as medicinal plants. The Walk you take in Kaniyo pabidi with in Budongo Forest Reserve is quite unforgettable as you could be able to beneath mature Mahogany, ironwood trees and sighting of forest birds like Chocolate backed kingfisher, White thighed Hornbill, Puvell’s IIIadopsis, Giant, Blue-breasted, House Martin, African Rock Martin, Lesser Striped Swallow, Angola Swallow, Red rumped Swallow, Rufous chested, Secretary birds among others. Chimpanzee tracking and birding is the main activity done here.

No worry from where to sleep on your visit to Murchison Falls national park because it boosts with comfortable lodges ranging between Luxury and Budget accommodation facilities with good qualities.

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