Tips Of Giving A Safari As A Gift

Tips Of Giving A Safari As A Gift

Tips Of Giving A Safari As A Gift : This is not as ridiculous as it may seem at first because it is becoming more common for friends and family to contribute to gifts for special occasions like weddings, honeymoons, important birthdays, and anniversaries. Naturally, if you are the only one giving the present, the fortunate receiver has a very close friend just watch out for gift tax. Nevertheless, these are my top recommendations if you’re considering gifting a safari as a present.

  1. Talk to the recipient.

As much as it’s always a pleasure to surprise someone. Therefore, you need to find a delicate approach to introduce the topic, perhaps over a curry and a glass or two, unless they are previous guests or have shown interest.

Forming a private e-group to discuss the plan amongst yourselves can be a nice idea if you’re all getting together for something special, like an anniversary or honeymoon.

  1. Budget.

This is where working with a professional tour operator becomes crucial, as they will have access to recommendations on where to go, when to go, and what offers each lodge is making. Deals such as “stay for five, pay for four” are becoming increasingly common in the contemporary environment.

The trip operator will also be keeping a close eye on exchange rates, as they can significantly impact expenses. For example, holidays to Kenya and Rwanda are currently extremely affordable due to their stunning attractions.

In addition to scheduling the safari, Flights are now lot more dynamic in terms of pricing and far more variable in terms of routes than they ever were. One general rule, however, generally applies: the more convenient the flights are for you (i.e., the routing and schedules), the more expensive they will be. Once more, your trip operator may offer you up-to-date guidance on this. Additionally, confirm that the airline you want to book with has an ATOL license. You are not protected financially if you don’t have one.

  1. When, Where & Timing.

The decision of where and when to go on safari needs to be made well in advance. If it’s for a honeymoon, the dates will be mostly (or at least most of the time) coincident with the wedding date. Make sure the lodge where they are staying is aware of the celebration, as there will likely be a set-aside celebration that includes cake, sparkling wine, or maybe a special bush dinner.

Which safari destination to go to, though, can be more crucial if the trip’s date is set. Not all of Africa is the same; there are some nations you should avoid, certain seasons to visit, and particular locations and occasions when you have to be somewhere specific. For example, travelling from July to October in Kenya is such amazing because that’s when you will have the opportunity to watch the annual migration which is such exceptional.

Tips Of Giving A Safari As A Gift
Lake Mburo National Park
  1. Special Interests.

Consider other options when deciding what kind of safari to offer; don’t limit yourself to the typical experience of driving across the African savannah in a hard-top Land Rover with hatches.

These are a few more varieties of safari that are available, albeit it’s quite a list: Safaris that are carried out by light aircraft, powered boat, canoe, or mekoro on the lake, strolling, horse-backed, mountain bike, and mobile tented safaris are all possible. Still more exist.

  1. Paying for the safari.

If the present is something that the group is doing together, you will either have to collect the money from everyone, which can be laborious, or you can assign this task to your tour operator for a nominal administrative charge, and they will keep track of everything that is received and update the “coordinator” on its status.

The process is made easier for the donor if the safari is being reserved as part of a “wedding list” fund, which allows the newlyweds to decide what to do with their “pot” and contribute more money if they so want.

In summary, this article entails tips of giving a safari as a gift.

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