Mountain Bisoke

Mountain Bisoke : Known to be one of the mountains that where formed as a result of a rift that is gradually dividing sections of East Africa, mountain Bisoke is yet an audacious and exhilarating adventure to experience most especially while on a hike to the top of it.

Mountain Bisoke has a height ranging about 12,175 feet and deceptions within the borders of Rwanda and DR Congo and initially one of the active volcanoes found within the Virunga conservation area.

As of the say from different sightseers that have experienced the hiking of this mountain they say that this mountain is not constrained to skilled hikers and mountain Bisoke truly gives thrilling moments of venture.

Mountain Bisoke is one of the active volcanoes found within the Virunga ranges of mountains and this can be experience while on a safari venture into Rwanda.

Mountain is as well referred to as a household to mountain gorillas and as it is these primates are by large Rwanda’s most cherished safari attractions that carry thousands to come and experience.

Mountain Bisoke takes about 6 hours while coming down 2 or more depending on how many times the hiking team stops for rest and while on the top and on the slop of the mountain there is a lot to sight and marvel at.

Mountain Bisoke is surrounded by bamboo forests and other vegetation hence providing ideal shelter and food for Mountain gorillas and that is the major reason as to why it is a major home to mountain gorillas.

Hiking Mountain Bisoke is a very popular activity that most sightseers love to engage in while they are exploring the republic of Rwanda and most especially as they venture the Volcanoes National park with possibility of inspecting the crater lakes, stunning views and rare alpine vegetation found nowhere else on earth.

There are several wildlife to sight on a hike to mountain Bisoke and these include; forest elephants, buffalo, mountain gorillas, golden monkeys and several bird species and all these just contribute to the safari venture moments at the destination.

Mountain Bisoke
Mountain Bisoke

With luck sightseers have the chance to sight some of the most endangered wildlife the great mountain gorilla and if the luck pops in sightseers are permitted for only 10 minutes to see the gorillas, besides the gorillas there even greater chances to sight golden monkey troops but the sighting of these marvel creatures is done from a distance and immediately after that the hikers are free to continue with their hiking.

Hiking mountain Bisoke is best done during the dry season despite of the fact that it can be hiked throughout the entire year and these allow sightseers have the chances to have photos.

For longer gorilla trekking safaris through the reservation one has to go through a tour company to attain a permit and for that case one can spend more time with the gorillas.

The permit for hiking Mount Bisoke can be bought on the day of the hike from the park headquarters and this costs about $75 per person and with the help of achieve global safaris one can avoid all the line stress for the permit processing.

Point to note the $75 per person does not include transportation as you will need to hire a vehicle to the park and also to the head trail but Achieve global safari can help you arrange the entire trip at a fair cost for all the necessary items.

there is a variety of accommodation options contingent on the level of comfort you want and your budget all sorts of accommodations right from luxury, mid-range to budget are all available and all can be arranged for you by Achieve global safari hence no need to stress over accommodations.

Inclusion you are assured of the most thrilling moments ate mountain Bisoke with the support of Achieve global safaris as the well trained guides take you through the different ventures at the area.

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