Kampala City Tour

Kampala City Tour : Kampala city is one of the best capital cities in the entire of East Africa a visit mostly visited by kinds of sightseers in order to marvel at its beauty plus getting to know and recognize the welcoming individuals in the country.

As it is Kampala is the capital city of the great pearl of Africa and the largest city in Uganda despite of all other cities in Uganda with several attractions to behold.

Getting to have a Kampala city tour would honestly turn out to be the most thrilling kind of adventure in Uganda and this will surely leave on thrilled up with a lot of amusements.

Uganda has got various places of attractions that surely make you to realize the stunning sacredness in the pearl of Uganda and these will gives you the best place for an adventure.

Summer adventures carried out in the capital city of Uganda you will be in the best position to enjoy the best times in Uganda and get to have fascinating moments

Right from the airport to the ends of the Kampala city this will let you know that Uganda has got a lot of hidden attractions for you to view and enjoy the best of it.

Kampala city never sleeps and has numerous bars, eateries and clubs where visitors can chill, relax and unwind after a long day of adventurous safari activities.

Kampala city experiences two wet seasons from August-December and from February-June. The city has no defined dry season given that it experiences a tropical rainforest climate. However, the months of January and July are usually hot hence the city can be visited at any time of the year as desired.

Kampala City Tour
Kasubi Tombs

Getting to visit places in Kampala such as: Kasubi Tombs, Ndere Centre, and Independence monument, Sports Grounds, Historical Sites, Lugogo Show Grounds, Kiwatule Recreation Centre, Idi Amin’s Torture Chambers, Bahai Temple, Uganda Martyrs Shrine Namugongo, Rubaga Cathedrals Bulange and Lubiri, The Uganda National Museum, Gadhafi Mosque, Kibuli Mosque, Monuments, Local Markets, Shopping, Buganda parliament, Kabaka’s Palaces in Mengo and Lubiri, The Kabaka’s lake, Namirembe Cathedral, Jewish Synagogue and community Uganda, Gurdwara Ramgarhia Sabha and Craft Markets.

All these are sacred areas in the capital city of Uganda for you to have the most excellent area to visit in the pearl of Africa and honestly Kampala is the just a thrilling location.

Kampala safaris give visitors golden pleasures to visit other areas in Uganda and get to have the most exciting adventures with the different kinds of safari activities that you can engage in.

Achieve global safari helps you to enjoy all these as you get to explore the different ends of Uganda and Kampala as well and with all the kinds of attractions in Uganda you cannot fail to enjoy your adventures.

With Achieve Global Safaris it’s a sure for one to have the best kind of adventure that he or she may be seeking and this comes with help in transportation plus accommodation arrangements hence having the best time in the pearl of Africa and had in the capital city of it.

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