Golden Monkey tracking in Mgahinga

Golden Monkey tracking in Mgahinga Gorilla National Park

Golden Monkey tracking in Mgahinga Gorilla National Park

Golden Monkey tracking in Mgahinga Gorilla National Park: Tracking Golden monkeys is one of the most adventurous activity that one can enjoy while on a Uganda safari. Golden Monkey tracking as stated is conducted in Mgahinga gorilla national park the only park where these cute primates are found in their natural habitats. Mgahinga gorilla national park is blessed to protect 2 species of endangered primates including the mountain gorillas and these cute little primates the Golden monkeys that both inhabit virunga mountain ranges that is shared amongst Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo. This implies that one can combine a trek to encounter mountain gorillas with Golden Monkey trekking safari both done in Mgahinga gorilla national park. However, it is as well possible to trek mountain Gorillas in Bwindi impenetrable national park and then head to Mgahinga gorilla national park for Golden monkey tracking.

Mgahinga gorilla national park thrills with only 2 habituated troops of Golden Monkeys available for tracking at any given period of time. Tracking Golden monkeys lasts for only 1 hour in their presence thus tourists who wish to spend more time with the Golden monkeys can opt for a Golden Monkey Habituation which enables them to spend more than just an hour with these monkeys in their natural habitats in the forest. 

The Golden Monkey tracking permits are obtained from the Uganda Wildlife Authority or even on ground at the park headquarters of Mgahinga Gorilla National park though here at Achieve Global Safaris, we help our clients in booking these permits and each permit costs $60, $60 and 40,000 Ugandan Shillings respectively for Foreign Nonresidents, Foreign Residents and East African Community Member states. These permits exclude park entrance fees. On the other hand, Golden Monkey habituation permit costs $100 for foreigners and 100,000 Ugandan shillings for East African Community Member states which is equivalent to a Golden monkey tracking permit in Rwanda that also goes for $100 per person. The best thing with a Golden Monkey tracking is that there is no need to book the permit in advance like the gorilla trekking permits and the Chimpanzee trekking permits. 

The adventure to track Golden monkeys in Mgahinga gorilla national park starts as early as 7:30am with briefing where all tourists interested in this activity are supposed to be at Ntebeko the park headquarters for Mgahinga Gorilla national park with their permits ready for a briefing about the Golden monkey tracking, the dos and don’ts during tracking and what else is expected in the forest during tracking among others. 

After briefing, tourists are grouped into 2 grouped and each group led by the armed rangers and local guide set off into the forest to start the search of the Golden monkeys that have been habituated for tracking.

Upon finding the Golden monkeys, only 1 hour is allowed to closely interact with these primates, take photographs and many more then exit the forest as an hour elapses. 

Golden monkey tracking is a fun filled activity unlike Mountain gorilla trekking or Chimpanzee trekking as the Golden monkeys come very closer to humans and sometimes jump onto the shoulders and heads of clients. Another fascinating thing about Golden monkeys is that they live and move in a huge troop of more than 30 individuals thus an encounter with one golden monkey opens up doors to meet as many as possible. There is as well a chance of capturing better shots since you are free to use the camera flash light unlike with Gorillas and Chimpanzees where a camera flash light must be off till one exits their habitats.

Packing list and equipment for Golden Monkey tracking in Mgahinga gorilla national park,

While planning your safari to Uganda for Golden Monkey tracking, below are some of the items you need to consider and they include;

  • A Golden Monkey tracking permit
  • A camera
  • Insect repellent
  • Enough drinking water
  • Enough snacks 
  • Wear appropriate long-sleeved attire shirt long trouser, stockings
  • Water proof and light hiking boots
  • Sun glasses
  • Garden gloves
  • A cap
  • A rain Jacket
  • A walking stick though in most cases these sticks are provided at the briefing grounds
  • Finally remember to hire a porter as you might probably need him along the hike to assist you in carrying your backpack or even offer a helping hand during slippery trails.

Where else can one find Golden monkeys?

Other than Mgahinga gorilla national park in Uganda, Golden monkeys can as well be found in other parks within Virunga Massif with about 5000 individuals still surviving in Virunga and these are well distributed in different parks including in Volcanoes national park which so far has 2 troops that have been habituated for tracking. One of the troops thrill in Gishwati Forest Reserve and the other group is found along Mount Sabyinyo slopes. Volcanoes national park as well harbors endangered mountain gorillas in Rwanda and is the only park where gorilla trekking in Rwanda is conducted. Other Golden monkeys are found in Virunga national park in Democratic Republic of Congo though has not yet fully opened for tourists to enjoy it as they do in Uganda’s Mgahinga Gorilla national park and in Rwanda’s Volcanoes national park.

Other activities,

Apart from Golden monkey tracking, Mgahinga gorilla national park thrills with several other tourist activities including Mountain Gorillas, Volcano hike, Birding, Batwa trail, guided nature walks and many more making it one of the most visited park in Uganda the pearl of Africa.

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