Chimpanzee Habituation Experience ‘’CHEX’’ Uganda

Chimpanzee Habituation Experience ‘’CHEX’’ Uganda

Chimpanzee Habituation Experience ‘’CHEX’’ Uganda : ‘’Uganda’’ has the pearl of Africa is gifted with high concentration of Chimpanzee species in the entire East African region with more than 5,000 individuals which can be encountered in different protective areas. And it’s a great pleasure Uganda to hosts such a large number of chimpanzees which has impacted a lot on the country’s tourism hub.

Chimpanzee habituation experience can be encountered in five safari destination in their nature habitants of Kibale Forest national park, Budongo Forest, Kyambura Gorge in Queen Elizabeth national park, Kalinzu Forest and Toro- Semliki Wildlife Reserve.

There are two activities you can choose while on Uganda primate safari such as Chimpanzee tracking which is available for an hour and can be done in all the five safari destination, an hour that allows you to spend your time with chimpanzees all day long in their nature habitant as you their way of life.

Chimpanzee habituation experience ‘’CHEX’’

This is a full day activity that happens in the chimpanzee community which is undergoing habituation. It starts early morning after breakfast with packed lunch boxes got from your lodge, then meet your guide who will drop you to the park headquarter for briefing about the dos and don’ts of the Chimpanzee rules.

After head to the forest trail with a park guide where the chimpanzees built their nests the night before. Once you locate them spend the rest of the day with these great apes as they rise from their sleep.

Chimpanzee habituation is a process undertaken up 2 to3 years while training chimpanzees to get used to human presences and that group of chimpanzee can be put aside for easy identifying of the park rangers, researchers as well as Visitors.

Where can I do Chimpanzee Habituation Experience-Uganda

In Uganda, there are two specified destinations where you can choose to go for Chimpanzee habituation experience that is Kibale Forest and Budongo Forest found in Murchison Falls national park. For the ultimate chimpanzee habituation experience, we recommend you to go to Kibale Forest.

Atypical day for a chimpanzee habituation experience usually starts early at 6:00am. Therefore, you need to wake up early have breakfast and carry your packed lunch. Then setoff to the park head quarter for briefing and after your Chimpanzee experience begins. You will be led by the park guide to the Chimpanzee nests for the night before, as your day of observing the chimpanzees begins.

Chimpanzee Habituation Experience ‘’CHEX’’ Uganda
‘’CHEX’’ Uganda

You will have a full day observing chimpanzees in their nature habitat as you will be rewarded with great memorable encounter as you watch a film of chimpanzee habituation to the group you are visiting. Expect to have an opportunity of watching chimpanzees putting their nest high between 6:00-6:30 am before feeding, hunting, Copulating, resting, breastfeeding and displaying till it’s time to build new nests around 7pm.

You will also learn about their unique features and differences of individuals, learn how to identify the different chimpanzees as individual, make them stand apart from rest and not forgetting memorable photography.

Other species to see during Chimpanzee habituation experience; There are many other primates to see during your Chimpanzee habituation experience in Kibale forest. Kibale forest hosts over thirteen species of primates which can be seen on your visit here. To add-on, you may have chances of seeing elephants, buffaloes, bush big and notable bird species. What we request from you to always keep your eyes open so that you do not miss anything.

Best Season for the Chimpanzee Habituation Experience

The chimpanzee habituation experience is all year around but the best time to have great encounter of this experience it’s when there is less tourist congestion with in the park in the months of March, April, May and November.

Cost of Uganda Chimpanzee Habituation Experience

The Uganda chimpanzee habituation permits costs USD250 for foreign nonresident, USD200 for foreign residents and USD 70 East Africans. Full package is planned with transport costs, activity, accommodation and meals. The permits can be booked direct from Uganda Wildlife Authority Offices or by the help of the tour operator with a recognized tour company.

Where to stay

There is no worry of accommodation in each destination you might visit, there are perfect choices of lodging from budget to luxury.

Kibale forest –Kibale national park takes 4 to 5 hours’ drive from Kampala main city of Uganda and Budongo forest –Murchison Falls national park can be accessed from Kampala to main destination within 3 to 4hours drive. Please kindly contact us for more information.

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