Tree climbing lions in Ishasha sector

Big 5 Mammals /Uganda Safari

Big 5 Mammals /Uganda Safari

Big 5 Mammals /Uganda Safari : Uganda big 5 mammals is the simple term used to differentiate  the strongest animals from the small prey such as the kobs ,elands ,waterbucks ,warthogs among others found in Uganda’s open savannah and woodland making them the most fierce and respectable .A travelers interested in having Uganda tours keep this in mind without exploring the Big five on your safari here just known that you have not tested the beauty of the pearl of Africans-Uganda .Many who visits Uganda tours basically for primates viewing or trekking the mountain Gorillas and Chimpanzees which is an ideal encounter but trust me its unforgettable encounter of the big five on a Uganda tours which is worth it.

However ,the name big five was greatly introduced by the tour operators and the visitors on a safari and referred to as the five animals that are very fierce and difficult to hunt .The best way they can be hunted is to be escorted by the armed guide with your clear camera to capture them in the savannah habitat in the wilderness .Such mammal include; Lions ,Elephants ,Rhinos ,Leopards and Buffaloes are all found in Uganda’s protected national park and above the best park to see them is Murchison Falls National Park where one cannot get disappointed of adventuring all the big 5 mammals after visiting rhinos from the sanctuary.

In details lets us talk about these big 5 mammals and which Uganda national parks can be explored while on a Uganda tour and the best seasons to sight see them;


Lions are termed as the king of the jungle and can easily be seen in several parks found in Uganda including Murchison falls national park renowned as the oldest and largest park in Uganda boasting with the four of the big five and Rhino at Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary ,Queen Elizabeth national park boasts with famous tree climbing lions encountered in Ishasha sector and can only be found in two countries that is Uganda and Tanzania worldwide ,Semliki  national park ,Kidepo Valley national park is also known as a true African wildness that harbors with great number of kings of the jungle and lastly in Lake Mburo national park great location for antelopes species and here lions are rarely spotted .Lions are the kings of the jungle that are hunter and always prey on other smaller mammals mostly the kobs. There is no worry of visitors who are interested in watching this kings of the jungle Uganda as got for you more than you can expect! Taking a morning game drive is the best way to explore or get closer to the lions in the jungle. For the sake of viewing the tree climbing lions the best time is in afternoon as you can enjoy memorable photography of capturing while hanging in tree branches which is worth an encounter and can only be spotted or visited in Queen Elizabeth national park in Ishasha sector /Uganda tours.


Elephants are renowned to be amongst the largest herbivorous land mammals in the world, for this matter Uganda is blessed with both forest elephants and savannah elephants as they can be seem roaming around the parks in large herds in search of food and water .In Uganda national park they can be adventured in Murchison falls national park best destination to harbor good diversity of wildlife ,Kidepo Valley national park ,Queen Elizabeth national park and Lake Mburo national park .

Big 5 Mammals /Uganda Safari
Big 5 Mammals /Uganda Safari

They keep their diet on large kilograms of vegetation and at night is their best time they can feed their huge bodies in order to enjoy spending day hours in water cooling up themselves .The best time to view elephants  while grazing on fresh vegetation is during morning game drive and afternoon  can be seen while bathing their huge bodies in the water as a matter of cooling from the hot sunshine since they spend eating at night. If you opt for night game drive it will give you amazing view that leads you to the huge number of elephants grazing.


Leopards are nocturnal mammals during day times they can be in hideouts and comes out at night to search for food and the best option to see them is on night game drive. Leopards can be explored in several different parks in Uganda including Mgahinga Gorilla national park a home to great mountain gorillas which can be trekked in one habituated Nyakagezi gorilla family, Kibale forest national park a capital of primates in East Africa that harbors our related cousins the Chimpanzees, Murchison falls a home of 4 big mammals out of the big five, Kidepo Valley national park, Mount Elgon national park, Lake Mburo national park, and lastly Queen Elizabeth national park. They can be seen during the full day game drive mostly in the early morning game drive before returning back to their hideout and during the last evening as they return to the park for hunting. However, the best time to see these cats is during nocturnal game drive which is organized at Queen Elizabeth national park, Lake Mburo and Murchison falls national park with the help of armed park ranger with a strong spot light.


Uganda offers both cape buffalos and forest buffalos that can be easily encountered roaming on grass and they like inhabiting the open savannah grassland and woodland area where they feed on. On Uganda tours, buffalos are commonly seen while on game drive in national parks including Murchison falls national park, Queen Elizabeth national park, Kidepo Valley national park and Lake Mburo national park. Early morning game drives offers the best encounter of herds of buffalos as they feed in harmony.

Big 5 Mammals /Uganda Safari
Big 5 Mammals /Uganda Safari


Rhinos are also species of big five mammals on African continent. Historically, Uganda used to host good number of African rhinos ‘’both black rhinos and white rhinos’’ which later extinct due to wars and poaching that left Uganda with no rhinos ‘’1990’’. In 2005, Uganda later introduced 6 white rhinos that later multiplied. Currently, Uganda hosts with 22 rhinos in a protected sanctuary called Ziwa rhino sanctuary. To make up the big five visits on a Uganda safari, you will need to combine one of the above mentioned national park with Ziwa Rhino sanctuary and be the witness of the white rhinos in the wild.

Conclusion, wildlife in Uganda mostly the big 5 mammals, they face a challenge of poachers who tend to kill them. But a Uganda tours is worth it as you can be able to combine all the above African big five mammals with a primate tour and meet up with great intelligent mountain gorillas and Chimpanzees in their nature inhabits. Uganda is truly a blessed country though a landlocked still it offers a great scenic landscape with its beauty that lies within the national park ranging with quite number for wildlife species such as mammals, primates, birds, reptiles, vegetation, beautiful butterflies and the climatic conditions. Book your trip now and discover the beauty of the pearl of African ‘’Uganda Safari’’!

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