Sport Fishing-Murchison Falls National Park Uganda

Sport Fishing-Murchison Falls National Park Uganda

Sport Fishing-Murchison Falls National Park Uganda : Sport fishing is quite remarkable experience that involves in fishing methods such as casting lures which is used for catching larger fish species like the Nile perch, cat fish and other fishing methods used of live bait are termites, worms to catch smaller fish species like electric cat fish, tiger fish, tilapia which can be caught while using the spinning method of fishing. This is one of the main activities encountered along the Nile.

Murchison falls national park is famously known as the largest national park in Uganda located in north-western region approximately 4 to 5 hours’ drive from west of Kampala to access the main destination. The park is diversity of wildlife species over 76 mammals such as warthogs, elephants, waterbucks, buffaloes, giraffes, Uganda kobs among others and over 455 bird species are recorded in the park.

This national park is one of the best landing site for sport fishing that can be done along the Victoria Nile which requires catching fish along rocky surfaces at the edge of the Nile by the anglers as well as at the bottom of the falls mainly at the Devil’s cauldron with incredible view of the falls.

sport fishing
sport fishing in Murchison Falls National Park

However, sport fishing done along the Nile is the most exciting experience as you can be able to catch the cat fish and Nile perch on your day activity. During fishing, you’re advised to take caution of the hippos and Nile crocodiles while fishing at the River banks.

Therefore, there are two main fishing sites in Murchison falls national park near Paraa positioned below the Murchison falls and below Karuma falls along ‘’Chobe safari lodge’ ’Sport fishing here is best enjoyed at the base of the falls while using the boat ride or launch down the water stream and also from the rocks at the edge of the river.

How can one access Sport fishing in Murchison Falls national park

Sport fishing in Murchison falls can be accessed either by boat or by foot through walking down from the top of the falls to the gorge. This activity can take 45 minutes to those who are physically fit. Fishing lovers are advised to pack their own fishing equipment on safari to Uganda fishing. It has got high chances of landing on other catching areas comprising of the length, weight and girth. Note, the last recorded caught fish here was weighing 113 kilometres and the type of fish was called Nile perch something really amazing.

Cost of Sport fishing –Murchison Falls national park

Sport fishing in Murchison falls costs USD50 per person per day. To those who wish to do it in 4 days are charged USD150 but exclusive from the park entrance fees.

Murchison Falls
Murchison Falls

Conditions of Sport fishing- Murchison Falls national park

The preserved area for sport fishing here is surrounded with remarkable landscape and range of wildlife species like hippos, waterbucks, crocodiles, elephants as well as beautiful bird species.

Essentials to Carry on Sport Fishing Safari in Murchison

They include; Long sleeved trousers, wear long socks and insect repellent which presents you from insect bites like tsetse fly. Sport fishing experience involves in expertise for example the Uganda wildlife guides who are available for the activity.

Methods used for coughing fish –Murchison Falls

They include; cast lures, catching fish on live bait, spinning. Fish species caught along the Victoria Nile include; Nile perch, Cat fish, tiger fish many more.

  1. B All fishermen are advised to have rod that raises between 8 feet and 11 feet with a multiplier reel. Then smaller fish species you have to use 7 spinning rod.

Best Time to Do Sport fishing in Murchison Falls

The best time to do sport fishing in Murchison falls is all year around but the best catches are done early in the morning hours and late of the day. Though the best result of fishing is during low water level when the water has a clear view, starting from Mid-January to April. For this matter, the Scientifics proved out that fish feed more when weather condition varies dramatically at the start of the rainstorms.


Murchison falls national park can be accessed either by Air or by car. From Kampala to main destination estimates 4 to 5 hours’ drive via Bombo –Nakasongola-Masindi to Murchison falls national park. You are recommended to use 4×4 wheel drive vehicles with comfortable seats and beautiful room for your fishing equipment’s.

Alternatively, you can fly with a domestic chartered or scheduled flights by Aero link Uganda from Entebbe international Airport or Kajjansi airstrip to land you to Pakuba Airfield inside the park within 1:09hours.

Book now your sport fishing package in Murchison falls national park and get splendid with the best catching of large Nile perch and cat fish as well as memorable photography with your caught fish.


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