Mweya Peninsula- Queen Elizabeth National Park


Mweya Peninsula- Queen Elizabeth National Park : Mweya Peninsula is known as the heart of Queen Elizabeth national park that thrills with dense vegetation and is the most visited sector of Queen Elizabeth national park that harbors several wildlife species including mammals such as elephants, Hippos, Mongoose, and many more making it the best attraction in Queen Elizabeth national park.

Mweya Peninsula thrills with best quality accommodations including Mweya Safari Lodge the oldest luxury lodge in Queen Elizabeth national park as well as the Mweya Airport used by those who wise to fly to the park and many more that indeed make mweya a paradise in Queen Elizabeth national park in Kasese.

Mweya Peninsula is located along the northern bank of the Kazinga channel when connect 2 lakes including Lake Edward and Lake George. This implies that a visit to Mweya Peninsula for the game drive can easily be combined with a boat cruise along the Kazinga channel.

Tourist activities and attractions in Mweya Peninsula

You could be wondering about the tourist attractions and what to do in

Mweya Peninsula? Here I bring you all the best things to do and attractions in Mweya Peninsula and they include;

Game Drives in Mweya Peninsula

For any savanna vegetation, the best activity to enjoy is a game drive to spot several wildlife species and Mweya Peninsula has the best trails used for the game drive. The best time to enjoy game drives in Mweya Peninsula is during early morning or late in the afternoon which is considered the best time when most of the animals are very active thus a lot to spot. Amongst the wildlife to look out for during game drives include Warthogs, elephants, buffaloes, leopards, hyenas and many more.

Mongoose Tracking in Mweya Peninsula

This is yet another unique tourist activity done in Mweya Peninsula where tourists get an opportunity of watching the Banded mongoose since Mweya Peninsula is thought to have over 400 mongooses. This Mongoose tracking is a breath taking experience as you track these small mammals in their natural habitats where they live in Colonies.

Mongoose tracking involves in tourists joined by rangers and researchers and the entire activity takes about 3 hours of learning about the mongoose, their behaviors, and many more.

Boat cruise along the Kazinga channel

A boat cruise along this 32Kilometers is one of the fascinating tourist activities one ought never to miss out while on a Uganda safari to Queen Elizabeth national park. This boat cruise rewards tourists with stunning encounter and views of different wildlife species including a large concentration of Hippos, and other animals that visit the water body to quench their thirst. Be sure to spot Crocodiles basking at the shores of the water, grazing Elephants, Buffaloes and several species of birds among others. One may choose to use the Uganda Wildlife Authority boat or the Mweya safari lodge boat each costing $30 per person for a 2 hours cruise on top of the Kazinga Channel. Mweya safari lodge has 2 vessels used for the boat cruise including the Sunbird which seats 10 people and the Kingfisher that seats 12 people.

Mweya Peninsula- Queen Elizabeth National Park
Queen Elizabeth National Park

Accommodations/ where to stay on the Mweya Peninsula

As stated above, Mweya Peninsula thrills with several accommodation facilities ranging from Luxury, Midrange and Budget but the most commonly used lodge in Mweya Peninsula is Mweya Safari Lodge which is the best and old luxury lodge within Mweya Peninsula in Queen Elizabeth national park. Mweya safari lodge is strategically located overlooking the Kazinga channel and the ranges of Rwenzori Mountains in Rwenzori mountains national park.

For budget travelers, there is Mweya hostels also famously known as the Mweya dormitory as well situated within Mweya Peninsula where clients on a budget safari can reside. The Mweya hostels have both self-contained rooms and Non self-contained rooms and to sum it all, Mweya hostels also has a canteen where tourists buy some delicious meals during their stay at the hostels.

Apart from Mweya Peninsula, one can as well sleep in other sectors of the Queen Elizabeth national park and then head to Mweya Peninsula for tourist activities.

Getting there,

There are 2 different ways of getting to the Mweya Peninsula including both by air and by road.

By road, a driving distance from Kampala the capital city of Uganda to Mweya Peninsula in the heart of Queen Elizabeth national park takes about 6-7 hours.

By air, since there is an airfield in Mweya Peninsula, one can get there by air by taking a flight with aero link either from Entebbe international airport or from Kajansi airfield direct to Mweya. This implies one can land at Entebbe international airport and fly to Mweya Peninsula.

Let us know when you wish to visit Mweya Peninsula and Queen Elizabeth national park at large.

Other than Mweya Peninsula, Queen Elizabeth national park there are other stunning sectors in Queen Elizabeth national park including Kasenyi plains, Kyambura gorge, Ishasha sector and the Kazinga channel all offering best activities enjoyed by different tourists while on their Uganda safari.

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