Kampala city

Kampala city Tour is known to be the capital city of Uganda the pearl of Africa, the city is a jewelry in the rough and filled with thousands of attractions to sight. Kampala city is named to be one of East Africa’s happiest cities according to the 2019 World Happiness Report and this carries thousands to come and have a glance plus some adventure in the city.

Kampala city is also termed as a city that never sleeps because the city is so peaceful and the country is safe at large this gives all those within the country to be able to move at any given time of the hour.

Kampala city is a gem of its own and no wonder most tour operators are including a tour of Kampala city as a priority in their Uganda safari packages and these take all sightseers to sight the seven hills that make up the city.

Kampala city was built on seven hills despite of the fact that the city currently covers more than the previous 7 hills it is still regarded as the ‘City of Seven Hills’.

The seven hills onto which Kampala is built on include; Mengo, Namirembe, Rubaga, Kololo/Nakasero Hill, Kibuli, Old Kampala and Nsambya hill just like Kampala is unique this is because even the hills that it is built on are as well unique, just as earlier mentioned the city has other hills like Mulago, Kikaya and Makerere hills.

A Kampala city tour in Uganda will let you have the most incredible moments of the sacred points of Kampala as the metropolitan of Uganda, and such tours are done from different destinations in Uganda.

Kampala City covers a total surface area of 189 km² with its highest point as the Kololo hill elevated at 1,311 meters and its lowest point at the shores of Lake Victoria standing at an altitude of 1,135 meters above sea level. The city is a hilly area comprising of lush, green hills, swamps and valleys.

When it comes to the best time to venture Kampala city most choose to visit the city during the dry seasons, despite of the fact that the city can be visited all year through.

Kampala city
Kampala city

Climate wise Kampala experiences two wet seasons but still the city does not have a defined dry season because it experiences a tropical rainforest climate though the months of January and July are usually hot.

When it commons to accommodation facilities Kampala city has great various accommodation facilities, these hotels offer visitors a wide range of serves and lodging options ranging from Budget to mid-range and Luxury accommodation.

A visit to Kampala one has the chance to interact with over56 different ethnicities resonating as one and this means that there are various languages used in Kampala city but the major languages used in Kampala are English and Luganda.

Kampala city has a lot to offer to its sightseers as they get to try out the different safari activities that can be involved in at the metropolitan.

In conclusion with Achieve Global Safaris one has the chance to experience the beauty that is with the capital city of Uganda and even far way beyond the city only.

Bookings to adventure Kampala city with Achieve global safaris can be done through our tour operators and you get your excellent moments of the metropolitan in Uganda.

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