Buhoma Lodge

Buhoma Lodge is an ideal base for gorilla trekking safaris however, it’s charming property that commands spectacular and uninterrupted views of the park. Bwindi Impenetrable National Park home to the rare and elusive mountain gorillas and half of the world’s population of mountain gorillas are found in Bwindi. The park is located in south western region of Uganda approximately 8 to 9hours drive from Kampala as the main starting point of the safari. Alternatively, domestic flights available to fly you to the nearest airstrip to the park -Kihihi or Kisoro takes 1:30hours landing.

This lodge lies in the heart of the Bwindi Impenetrable National Park , and from the lodge it takes a short walking distance from the meeting point for gorilla trekking and other activities done in the park. Buhoma lodge offers a comfortable dining area, a cozy as well as comfortable environment where you can sit after gorilla trekking activity with other visitors on Uganda safari and discuss about the day’s activities around the fireplaces that adds stunning atmosphere and warmth in the cool evenings. The lodge have got cleaners who helps to clean your shoes after arrival back at the camp.

Other facility amenities offered;

They offer free Wife to the guest to keep them in contact with their beloved ones.

They offer Airstrip transfer that provide transfers to and from Kihihi airstrip

The lodge offers uninterrupted views while the forest envelopes you.

They have welcoming and friendly staff to the guests.

They offer free breakfast and free internet.

The lodge offers children activities like family friendly.

They offer foot massage and full body massage.

They offer concierge.

They have spacious restaurant that serves delicious food to the guests.

They offer public Wi-Fi

 They have a gift shop where you can buy craft materials.

Buhoma lodge offers laundry services

There rooms features  with perfect amenities and overs great views and comforts for your stay.

Bedrooms are featured with comfortable  clean linens ,washing of boots ,provisions of gators ,hot water bottles in the bed.

The bedrooms are beautiful and were built into the forest with sublime views.

The lodge offers fireplace where you sit in the evening hours for warmth.

Buhoma Lodge
Buhoma Lodge

The lodge is charmingly rustic but has a luxurious feel to it.

The lodge also have gift shop with high standard with local materials designed with the local style.

Each tent offers their own balcony with chairs which provides spectacular view. More so, the tents are large in size and offers a safe.

The lodge offers simple location to access it.

Note ;Gorilla trekking experience includes walking stick ,lots of extra water ,gaiters and backpack things .The activity can take about 30 to 7 hours depending on the movement and an hour allowed to spend with gorillas once are allocated and after return back to the lodge.

Mountain gorillas are wild animals and viewing cannot be guaranteed. However, viewing this unique giant gentle and viewing them can take 90% once sighted and trackers are allowed an hour with the gorillas. Viewing mountain gorillas in their nature habitant  is required the night stay at the park  before tracking day due to your early morning start. Although, trekking mountain gorillas sometime it can take a full day and so a second night stay is also highly recommended. Ideally it might take 2 to 3 nights in suggestion to enjoy this region.

Apart from doing mountain gorilla trekking at the lodge, you can do other activities like birdwatching, guided nature walk, cultural tours, visit Batwa pygmies among others.

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