Activities at Sezibwa falls


Activities at Sezibwa falls; Sezibwa falls are small waterfalls on Sezibwa River located 35 km east of Kampala along Kampala-Jinja highway in Mukono district. The name Sezibwa was derived from a Luganda phrase which means an endless path. Sezibwa falls offer beautiful views of the waterfalls, birds, animals among others. One side of the falls has a rainforest which acts as a habitat for various animals, primates and birds and on the other side it’s filled with thickets, shrubs, bamboo and fig trees. Sezibwa falls are important cultural and spiritual sites for Baganda people where by its believed that a pregnant woman gave birth to a set of twins in a form of two rivers which are Sezibwa and Bwanda flowing to different courses. There are a number of activities which tourists can engage in during their tour at Sezibwa falls and they include,

Activities at Sezibwa falls

Bird watching at Sezibwa falls

Sezibwa falls is a birding paradise in that it harbor more than 200 recorded bird species including forest birds, savannah birds and water bird species. During bird watching, you will be accompanied by a bird guide who will help you to spot different bird species including the great blue turaco, giant kingfisher, blue spotted wood dove, grey headed sparrow, white headed sawing, yellow fronted canary, ashy fly catcher, red bellied flycatcher, African grey hornbill, western nicator, white throated bee-eater, ross’ turaco, lizard buzzard, emerald cuckoo, striped kingfisher, grey headed negrofinch, red headed malimbe, little greenbul, dark capped bulbul, yellow wagtail, speckled mousebird, fan tailed widowbird, Diederik cuckoo, brown throated wattle eye, Palmnut vulture, pied crow, scarlet chested sun

Activities at Sezibwa falls
Bird watching at Sezibwa falls

bird, willow warbler, double toothed barbet, black bishop, grey headed nigrita, tambourine dove among others.

Guided nature walks at Sezibwa falls

Nature walk is an interesting activity that shouldn’t be missed during your safari in Sezibwa falls. Guided nature walks in Sezibwa falls are done on foot with the company of an experienced local guide who is well conversant with different trails. During the guided nature walks, you will enjoy stunning views of the waterfalls, colorful butterflies, spot some bird species, primates like vervet monkeys, red tailed monkeys, visit the shrines and learn more about the different gods or spirits and their roles among others.

Hiking/ Rock climbing at Sezibwa falls

Hiking or rock climbing is an adventurous activity in Sezibwa falls where tourists will hike to the top of the waterfalls and enjoy spectacular views of Sezibwa River flowing down the rocks through the dense trees and bushes. During hiking/ rock climbing you will enjoy great views of the waterfalls, beautiful scenery, view reptiles like monitor lizards, horned adders, green mambas among others.

Community walks at Sezibwa falls

This is an exciting activity where tourists will get an opportunity to interact with the local people who live in the surrounding areas. During the community tour, you will be able to learn about the local peoples culture, tradition, way of living, ancient cultural practices of the people in Buganda, visit the shrines and learn about the ancient gods and spirits.

Picnics/ camping at Sezibwa falls

Sezibwa falls offers a cool and conducive environment with beautiful gardens for picnics or camping. Tourists who want to have small family parties or picnics can set up a camp on a neat ground or picnic site under on the trees around the falls and enjoy great views of waterfall, enjoy the cool breeze, listen to sweet sounds of bird species, primates, enjoy drinks and food which can be bought from Sezibwa falls resort among others.

Activities at Sezibwa falls
Activities at Sezibwa falls

How to get to Sezibwa falls

Sezibwa falls is located 35 kilometers east of Kampala and can be accessed by road transport means which takes about 1 hour drive from Kampala or Jinja, 2 hours’ drive from Sipi falls through Mbale and 3 to 4 hours’ drive from Pian Upe wildlife reserve.

When to visit Sezibwa falls

Sezibwa falls can be visited anytime throughout the year though the best period is during the wet season in the months of March to May and November when there is heavy rainfall because that’s the time when you will be able to experience the full force of the waterfalls and also view colorful bird species.

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